Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Panta Rhei - Worst Music Video Ever?

Romania has given us much in the way of Bad Prog. Panta Rhei is probably the more notorious addition. This video is a complete guide in how to produce the worst music video of all time. Horrible use of bluescreen compositing, the most arbitrary execution of the dreaded "Hall of Time" After Effects filter, inconceivably abrupt time signatures, awkward editing and closeups that looks like it was done by a team of severely autistic children. Only from Eastern Europe can something be so naive yet mangled beyond hope of correction. From 1996, here is Eye of the Snake.


  1. This now makes THREE Panta Rhei's that I know of; this, clearly, is the worst of the bunch. I love that the drummer isn't even CLOSE to synching his work w/ the tape- ah, the days of the Video Toaster. Look what Ceaucescu did to that fucking country; the baleful influence of Communism will never end. It even killed Prog.

  2. When did Jude Law become a Romanian LaBrie wannabie?

    I blame Dream Theater completely for this.