Friday, June 5, 2009

Caught In the Act - The Movie/Concert Stage Show

Available for you, our lovely followers of this blog, is the entire 1 hour and 30 minute atrocity of the legendary "Caught In the Act" Styx concert /stage show movie from 1983. This includes the 18 minute Kilroy Was Here mini-movie, starring Dennis De Young as the maverick revolutionary Kilroy, Tommy Shaw giving us his best Mark Hammill impersonation as the young rebel Jonathon Chance, and James Young in a hairball gagging performance as the rock hating despot Dr. Righteous. This is just too embarrassingly stupid for You Tube. Watch it and weep. Link.
P.S. this is an .avi file, Mac users--make sure you have the latest version of quicktime. In case you have problems watching the vid, download the free 3ivx converter


  1. Utterly dispicable... thanks!

  2. Enough to make even Ed Wood proud! Or maybe give Ed a Woodie!

  3. A band going for a big-time conceptual artistic statement and bombing big time. Beyond parody, and paradoxically hilarious and sad.

    Still, isn't there something noble about "going for it"? Taking a BIG CUT, swinging for the fence, as you gloriously strike out with bases loaded? Do we always want artists to play it safe?

    Another question: didn't anyone have the guts to tell these guys how terrible this was going to be? Maybe a script consultant or competent writer to put the brakes on this runaway train of poorly-thought-out good intentions? Nothing this expensive and complex happens quickly or haphazardly. Yes-men up and down the line had to sign off on this.

    Just wondering.

  4. I believe Mr. De Young's ego was beyond heeding constructive criticism at this point. Another casualty case in the onslaught of overindulged egoism during the golden age of mainstream prog.

  5. I was at this show. I really fail to see what's so funny. Styx should be commended for tacking the tough issues of the day is such a sensitive manner. Sensitive and artistic, I mean. And profound. Very profound. Man, I bet Tipper Gore is still feeling the sting! You guys suck and you have no taste. I bet you think Christian Zander is a better drummer than the guy from Styx.

  6. Christian "Zander"? That was a Cheap Trick, Quayle...