Saturday, June 6, 2009

***Bounty Announced***

The Curator is announcing the creation of a bounty on a privately-pressed item lost to him for many years. It was the work of the brother of some guy I used to know, and surely there must be a copy of it out there in world...somewhere. Thus, if anyone possibly reading this is acquainted with Mike Lillis (last I knew he lived in Pittsburgh) or went to North Allegheny high school sometime in the early 1980's, please contact me through the link available at this site. Mike's band was called "Ubermensch", and they were a typical high school band...except they were Prog, and as I remember them, talented but incredibly derivative. The lone release of Ubermensch (savor the word) was an S/T cassette, and the only lyrics I recall are these, sung by a splendidly flat-sounding baritone who made everything he sang sound like a variation of the "Volga Boat Song":

And is the world round or flat?
And does the world revolve around us?
These are the questions we must ask
These are the answers we need to know

These are reasonably accurate lyrics as far as I remember; and I assure you the rest of the cassette went on in a similar vein and, due its unique character and The Curator's current obsession with the subject, The Curator is thus willing to offer $100 American dollars to whomever can deliver this prize, with the assurance that your identity will forever be kept secret. I'm not sure it can get any more obscure than this, but all the same it is Prog and really bad and thus a natural for inclusion here at the PRHOI. Thanks. - TR

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