Thursday, July 9, 2009


BAD PROG IV: APROGALYPSE NOW comes to the air this Saturday July 11 from 5-7 EST on Public Sensory Radio w/ host DJ Micah and The Curator. Absolutely no excuse for any of the music to be played this week, w/ wretchedness from big name stars and the worst Homebrew Prog you will ever hear, direct from Canada. NOT TO BE MISSED, A SLEW OF MISERY AND DEBACLES FOR THE AGES!!!

Public Sensory Radio is a weekly internet radio broadcast dedicated to strange and unpopular music, most notably in the realm of electronic, kozmische, noise, beard rock, ambient, electroacoustic, psychedelic, progadelic, krautrock, mutant weirdness. Curated and hosted by Micah Moses
PSR can be heard Saturday 5-7 pm EST on or as a podcast at feed://feeds2.feedburner.c


  1. Guys,

    Just so you understand the legalities of bands and their names, the basic legal principle is this: remaining band members own the rights to the band's name. Once you leave the group, you lose the rights. In the example of Yes, all of the original members left except for Chris Squire--so, in the late 80's, when Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe got together, they could not call themselves "Yes"--Squire held the rights. The same, unfortunately, applied to Asia. One by one, when the original members left and were replaced by new guys, the name rights passed to the new members.

    It all makes no sense to the average listener, but in legal terms, there is at least a thread of logic to it.

    Wow. The ELP track was really awful. As a devoted Rush fan, I have to TOTALLY agree with the "Superconductor" choice. Yikes did that song suck--especially the clean rubber-band bass tone of the Wal basses Geddy used on that album. The bass tone on Signals was not only their best, but I would argue it is the best Rickenbacker bass production ever recorded--and then Geddy ditched it all for nasal Steinbergers and Wals. Why? whywhywhywhywhywhywWHY?!?!

  2. The LaBrie/Roswell 6 thing scares me. As I am working on a big prog opus, that track is a cautionary tale as to what I should avoid at all costs. What scares me is that all involved probably listened to the tracks back in the control room of the studio and thought "yeah, this rocks!" Artists, myself included, can be quite blind to the stupifyingly obvious. I pray--earnestly--for perspective and friends who are bold enough to tell me straight when something sucks the pooch bag. Not every creative idea can be implemented well.

    Well, I'll always have you to throw a brick through my Johari Window, right?

    One more thing. I am glad you're doing all of this "for the children." I want my daughters to be raised in a world where they'll never have to hear "Arriving UFO."

  3. Where the Hell did you get that picture? It should have been the album cover for Tormato!