Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bad Yid Prog-- Menachem Herman Orchestra

This is a montage of clips from a concert given in London by the Menachem Herman Orchestra. The sound isnt so great, the editing is incompetent, but the power of Bad Prog shines through. "Weaving Authentic Tradition, & Classic Rock; a One of a Kind Spice for Your Special Event!"...It's definitely proggy and it's most certainly awful. Watch Menachem rocking out with the "guitar on the back of his head" trick. Look, Ma! I' m a rock and rolleh! Oy! Who's Your Bubby!
Proof that prog has become a tool for abrahamic religions to impose their agenda on the oblivious sheeple (also exemplified two entries below with the PL Projekt post). This is so bad it makes The Kaplan Brothers look like Led Zeppelin. I'm posting this on the Sabbath so its either a mitzvah or a het.


  1. If NPR's "All Things Considered" ever needed a new theme song, these guys would be perfect.

  2. why? because it caters to middle mind banality?