Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Link for Fans of Bad Prog

The Curator is pleased to announce his linking to a splendid novel available on-line, here:

It is called Old Man Misery and deserves a wide audience. Link is also available in the "Our Friends" section of this page, to the right.

"Anonymous" has written a fierce denunciation of the moral nothingness that was the Bush years by addressing the forced retirement of Donald Rumsfeld, told from the perspective of his final minutes in office and then off to an uneasy obsolescence at his estate upon "Mount Misery". All is not as seems upon said woeful plantation, once the propoerty of a notorious "slave breaker" who claimed a particularly gifted orator among his many "breakings". A fine and gripping dark comedy with a Gothic ghost story lurking in the margins, Old Man Misery is offered by The Curator for your pleasure, thanks to his dear friendship with the author. Enjoy. - TR

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