Friday, June 12, 2009

PL Projekt - Scary Xian Prog

"PL Projeckt" a group composed of israels and philipinos living in israel, tel aviv/jaffa, presenting an arrangement of psalm 86. Patrick leads the group and the composition is his own work.


  1. Disgraceful, and downright scary, too. Equal parts Jonestown and David Koresh, keep an eye on the Internets for the first "Prog-o-cide" that lurks on this cult's horizon with the assuredness of tomorrow's sun. Satmars and Lubavitchers are nuts, but you never see them committing mass suicide. Xianity is uniquely depraved and life-hating.

  2. That wasn't even watchable. I feel disgusting all over. Thanks.

  3. The music is not good. Okay. But what you're watching is a lame attempt at a concept video. These people are not a cult bent on mass suicide. If you are actually scared by this, the monsters lurking under your bed are going to have a field day with you.

    I was curious, though, about the Christian studio with a Johnny Walker Red banner in the vocal tracking room. A rather odd juxtaposition, wouldn't you say? Maybe they toss back a few shots before reading Atlas Shrugged to one another and planning the next October Revolution.

    Tim, I think more and more Christians might love becoming your "boogeyman." It's so easy to play on your fears!