Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prog-O-Caust 2009! Part Two

Timothy and Micah continue their investigations into bad prog. Kaplans cover Crimson. Leonard Bernstein by way of Kieth Emerson by way of Chakra. Insane hungarian oompa loompa prog. Greg Lake ejaculates in a groupies mouth...and more!
Listen here


  1. I thought your Greg Lake/fellatio teaser was hyperbole to get me to listen to the show. Yikes! You weren't kidding!

    What a meteoric rise and fall was the career of that supergroup. What a shame. I hate it when prog bands accidentally record a pop hit ("Follow you Follow Me", "Lucky Man", etc) and then spend the rest of their careers trying to catch that lightning in a bottle once again.

    Dudes. If you have a pop hit, SAVE your MONEY. Don't blow it on chicks, coke, and cars--so that you end up having to pull the lever of the pop single slot machine for the rest of your sorry careers in order to make your house payments.

  2. ELP represents capitalism in all of its excesses, wastefulness and ultimately corruption. Three men at the very pinnacle of their game, only to fall headfirst into the pits of mediocrity. Tis indeed...the saddest story ever told.

  3. So if the members of ELP worked on a collectivist prog-farm, sharing all things in common and never motivated by capital gain, they would not have ever written mediocre material? At least as strong an argument could be made that they would have written nothing BUT mediocre material. Greed finds its way into any economic system.

  4. Not in my fascist dictatorship. Under my sway I would have our three fine fellows composing funeral marches for the lower clerks and beaurocrats of the totalitarian oligarchy. Any musical deviation or keyboard acrobatics will be punishable by electro shock to the testicles

  5. Micah Moses, fascist dictator. Does have an odd ring to it.

    I assume Wakeman and Emerson would be denied visas to your fair land?

  6. Noone would. it would be like when Cartman took control of the Six Flags and wouldnt let anyone come and have fun but still had advertisements on TV to rub it in everyones faces.