Friday, December 18, 2009

Manikin @ Jerry Lewis Telethon

Tag words: Gay!
I don't know anything about these guys but this is taken from the Jerry Lewis Telethon in 1978. Truly one of the most awe inspiring acts out there!


  1. Introduced by Skip Stevenson, no less.
    This was really something special.

  2. am on my fifth viewing. its like a plane crash, train wreck, car wreck, botched abortion all in one

  3. What is it with prog--holding high standards for instrumental musicianship but tolerating the absolutely worst lead vocalists of any genre?

    The lead singer here sounds like a Saga wannabie with Gabriel-esque stage presence aspirations. In the esteemed opinions of the PRHOI curators, I'm sure wanting to sound like Saga's Sadler is like wanting to smell like fish offal.

    I have to admit, though, I love the Rick bass tone. But I have a soft spot for Rick-O-Sound done right, even if the playing is less than inspired.

  4. Your band is so much better than these guys.

    But I knew you were going to rave on that Rick. This is, seriously, in all likelihood, the single worst performance by a man not named John Thor in the history of music.

  5. That was... actually I'm not sure how to describe what that was. I just know that I just want to share it with the world.