Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For All Those People Looking For a Kaplan Bros. Link...

Without question, the most popular exhibit at the PRHOI since its opening has been that dedicated to the Kaplan Brothers 1978 magnum opus, "Nightbird: An Electric Symphony". I hadn't checked the comments for some time, and there has been clamoring about there not being a link to the album anywhere. Sure enough, it would appear the original link has been pulled from "Time Has Told Me" (for whatever reason- it's only the single best fucking album on that entire goddamn blog) and I am well aware that not everyone is a member of Facebook, where I have established not only a tribute group for Mrs. Kaplan's boys, but a link to the album as well. The Curator offers his most incredibly humble apologies. You can get the album here and I do encourage one and all to do so; I put this up myself some time back, and am only too happy to spread the joy that is, without doubt, one of the top two alternative genius Prog albums ever made- or even conceivably that could be made. You could try to parody this, like those idiots at Troma do with B-movies, but that stuff always sucks ass and falls flat, because magic like Nightbird must come from the heart. And once you hear the lead vocals of the youngest- and most Prog-savvy- Kaplan brother, you'll know why. Enjoy, and, as always, cheers. - TKR


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