Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prog-O-Caust 2009!

For the next TWO WEEKS on DJ Micah's Public Sensory Radio, you can hear the absolute worst Progressive Rock ever made as part of PROG-O-CAUST 2009!

Tune in via Radio 23 and join the festivities as we hear from the worst bands from around the world playing music so ambitious you can smell the failure! This next show especially (May 30, 5 to 7 EST) is going to be an absolute goddamn trainwreck. Tell your friends and...SEE YOU AT THE PROG-O-CAUST!!! - TR

Side note: Public Sensory Radio is a podcast as well as a broadcast. You can listen anytime thanks to RSS magic.


  1. What's the matter with Asia??

  2. Asia is probably the worst waste of talent (first album) after EL&P catalog.

  3. Cuenta- whoever you are, you fucking get this shit down to the roots of your toes.
    It's all about the sell-out and waste of talent. When the heart rules the mind? When the cash rules the muse, more like it.

  4. Oh my... I was turned on to your blog by a fellow DLBN DJ and I have to say that while I do enjoy a lot of the music you lambaste, you do it in such a great way as to make it all worthwhile. I take heat for the fact that I like broccoli, so what the hell, right?

    And as a fellow Seattle resident, let me state that I'd be all for a public burning of Styx albums (even though, as I said, I do like some Styx). I'm comfortable with my fucked-up tastes.

    Let me know when and where and I'll take the pictures, even if there are no naked models involved (since that's what I do).

  5. Well, if you show up with some Suicide Girls I'll burn more than a few Styx records, trust me. Nice way of dropping the "I take pictures of naked chicks" line; this isn't Jock Sturges by any chance, is it? I can definitely see him grooving to Yes.