Thursday, April 30, 2009


The curator will be making a SPECIAL appearance this week on Public Sensory Radio with host DJ Micah (pictured left), and bringing a ton of goodies in his Bad Prog Sack of Doom!

Show starts prompt 5 pm EST (that's 2 bells here in Seattle), and will feature two solid hours of horrible music and running commentary by arguably the two most arrogant and snobbish Prog afficionadoes in the world. Soviet-era Prog, Christian atrocities, Jacula, and the gayest Satan in the history of the could only be THE PROGRESSIVE ROCK HALL OF INFAMY ON THE AIR!!! 5-7pm EST

Enjoy the show! And...if you miss it, fret not, the podcast will be up and ready by Monday following. Cheers, and NO we will not be playing ELP, Yes, or even Styx or later shit-Genesis; this is the alternative underground, baby, and in Bad Prog land, that stuff is ROUGH! - TKR

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